"You'll Learn The Most Up-To-Date Kratom Dependence Recovery Strategies... Which Are DIFFERENT Than Regular Opioid Detox Methods"
Did You Know That There Are 
Brand New Protocols For 
Quitting The Kratom Plant, Specifically?
 If You Didn't Know This,
You'll Want to Pay Close Attention...

After more and more people have been using Kratom to quit prescription opioids and heroin...

I've noticed that these people fall into one of two categories.

Here's a breakdown of these two categories:

Category 1: Able to easily or moderately easily quit Kratom and be done with it.

Category 2: Keep needing to increase their Kratom dosage, and find it pretty difficult or extremely challenging to quit Kratom.

Unfortunately, we are just recently learning that for Category 2...

These individuals actually do MUCH BETTER when they use brand new protocols that were recently developed for getting off the Kratom plant, specifically.


Answer: For Category 2 individuals, it feels like they're quitting more than just a plant-based weak-agonist opioid.

Fact is... At low doses and non-daily use, Kratom can be quite harmless.

However, with Kratom daily use and dosages over about 7-10 grams, and especially 14-28 grams or higher, it can become difficult to quit for some people.

And for individuals using 30-40 grams per day or more, it can be quite the struggle to end their Kratom use.

High Dose Daily Kratom Can Feel Like You're Coming Off an Opioid, Antidepressant, and an Upper... ALL AT ONCE

Since for many people it feels like quitting an opioid, antidepressant, and upper all at the same time...

It's really no wonder why it's so difficult for them to quit.

Imagine quitting hydrocodone, Lexapro, and Adderall cold-turkey simultaneously.

Or even imagine trying to taper off all 3 of these at the same time.

Of course, this is not an accurate example, but if your Kratom dosage is high enough and you've been on it for a long time...

It may feel like a much weaker version of the above scenario, but can still be quite difficult nonetheless!

This is Exactly Why I've Spent the Last Few Months Perfecting a BRAND NEW  List of Strategies For Quitting Kratom!!!

Drum Roll: And... I've Compiled Everything I've Learned into an EPIC, Step-By-Step Online Course Where I'm Going to Teach You ALL OF MY BEST Strategies & Tactics For Reducing 90% or More of Withdrawal Symptoms From Getting Off Kratom.

Here's Just a Few of the Things 
You're Going to Learn With 
  • Advanced Kratom Tapering: You'll learn how to use the most effective Tapering Strategies, including Taper Protocols, Taper Supplements, and much more.
  • Cold-Turkey Kratom Bio-Hacking Protocols: Don't feel like Tapering? No worries... because you'll learn how to use home-based and alternative medicine cold-turkey detox methods where you don't have to Taper, and how these can reduce 90% of your withdrawal symptoms or more.
  • Kratom Withdrawal Remedies: You'll learn how to use all of the best Prescription Medications, OTC Medicines, Supplements, Nootropics, Natural Drugs, Natural Remedies, & Home Remedies for Kratom Withdrawal.
  • Mindset Training: You'll learn how to avoid the common fears and mindsets that prevent you from getting off Kratom. And instead, you'll learn how to build Ultimate Mental Strength which will propel you to finally get off Kratom... without suffering.
  • ​Resourcefulness Training: Developing a high level of resourcefulness gives you the ultimate edge when quitting. The more effective resources you stack in your plan, the easier it is to quit.
  • ​Post-Acute Withdrawal Strategies: The second phase of Kratom withdrawal is much longer than the acute withdrawal, and that's what usually is the hardest for people. Luckily, with these brand new Kratom PAWS therapies, you'll know exactly how to feel and shorten this phase too.
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Module 1: Introduction

A brief overview on how the program works, the instructor's qualifications and experience, a 20,000-foot look at the topics and themes covered in the program, and a journal exercise on setting intentions for the course.
  • Lesson 1: Welcome New Students!
  • Lesson 2: About Your Instructor
  • Lesson 3: Ultimate Kratom Detox Overview
  • ​Lesson 4: Setting Your Intentions For the Program

Module 2: Kratom Dependence 101

The Mechanisms of Action of Kratom, the phenomenons of Tolerance, Dependence,, & Withdrawal, Biochemical Deficiencies from Kratom daily use and stopping Kratom, a blueprint of the 5 Phases of Kratom Recovery, and a powerful visualization exercise.
  • Lesson 1: Kratom: "The Double-Edged Sword"
  • Lesson 2: The Science of Kratom Dependence
  • Lesson 3: Why it Can Be Difficult To Quit Kratom
  • ​Lesson 4: The "Kratom Merry-Go-Round"
  • Lesson 5: The 5 Phases of Overcoming Kratom Dependence
  • Lesson 6: Journal Exercise 2: Envisioning Your Possible Futures

Module 3: Kratom Detox Protocols

The best, brand new and up-to-date customized detox protocols for quitting Kratom comfortably (either from home or at a specific type of medical detox method, advanced Kratom Tapering Strategies, and an exercise on how to choose the right plan for you.
  • Lesson 1: Overview of the Different Kratom Detox Protocols
  • Lesson 2: The Counterintuitive Kratom Detox Method
  • Lesson 3: Cold-Turkey Kratom Detox Protocols (At-Home or Medically-Supervised)
  • ​Lesson 4: Issues That May Come Up With a Cold-Turkey Kratom Detox Protocol
  • Lesson 5: The Kratom Taper Method
  • Lesson 6: Journal Exercise 3: Determining Which Kratom Detox Method To Choose

Module 4: Kratom Tapering Strategies

The most extensive information on Bio-Hacking during Kratom Tapering using specific nutrients, supplements, foods, beverages, exercises, and more, plus cutting-edge psychological tools to give you the mindset you need to quit Kratom once and for all.
  • Lesson 1: The "Art & Science of Kratom Tapering"
  • Lesson 2: The "Key 3" Strategies For Making Kratom Tapering Easier
  • Lesson 3: Key 1: Kratom Taper Supplements
  • ​Lesson 4: Key 2: The "Kratom Taper Diet"
  • Lesson 5: Key 3: Exercise-Induced Neuro-Chemical Optimization on a Kratom Taper
  • Lesson 6: Mental/Emotional Software Upgrading While Kratom Tapering
  • Lesson 7: Journal Exercise 4: "To Taper, or Not to Taper, That is the Question"

Module 5: Transitioning Off Kratom

The Ultimate Blueprint for your first 7 days and beyond after you transition completely off Kratom, including the best supplements, natural remedies, medications, natural drugs, home remedies -- and with a detailed example plan with an exact daily schedule.
  • Lesson 1: Supplements For Transitioning Off Kratom
  • Lesson 2: Natural Remedies For Transitioning Off Kratom
  • Lesson 3: Prescription Medications For Transitioning Off Kratom
  • ​Lesson 4: Over-The-Counter Medicines For Transitioning Off Kratom
  • Lesson 5: Natural Drugs For Transitioning Off Kratom
  • Lesson 6: Home Remedies For Transitioning Off Kratom
  • Lesson 7: Detailed Example Plan For the First 7 Days Off Kratom
  • Lesson 8: Journal Exercise 5: Creating Your Own "Bulletproof Transition Plan"

Module 6: Post-Acute Kratom Detox & Recovery

Education on why Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome from quitting Kratom can be so hard and long, how to shorten the duration and mitigate the symptoms using the "4-Pillars Method", and how to develop Pro-Recovery Habits and an Empowering Identity.
  • Lesson 1: Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) From Quitting Kratom
  • Lesson 2: The "4-Pillars Treatment Method" For PAWS & Kratom Recovery
  • Lesson 3: How To Create Pro-Recovery Habits & an Empowering Identity
  • ​Lesson 4: Review of Key Concepts From Ultimate Kratom Detox
  • Lesson 5: Journal Exercise 5: Creating an Accountability Contract & System
  • Lesson 6: Resources
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"The ULTIMATE Kratom Recovery System"

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ultimate Kratom Detox
This program is a few hours in webinar format, broken up into several long and in-depth videos. It teaches you the brand new protocols I've created for quitting the Kratom plant, specifically, which is more customized and effective than trying a traditional method.
What Happens When I Purchase the Program
As soon as your payment goes through, you'll be instantly transported to the registration page. You just type in an email address and create a username, then you'll be in the program! You'll have lifetime access too, as there is no time limit to go through the course.
What Will My Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal Statement Say?
The purchase will show up as "OAS LEARNING", which is a totally made up name. If you Google this phrase, nothing at all comes up about Kratom, opioids, or addiction, or myself. Thus, your purchase is totally private, and you don't have a thing to worry about in this regard.
Is There a Money Back Guarantee
Yes! You have up to 30 days after the purchase date to see how you like the program. If you're completely satisfied with Ultimate Kratom Detox, simply email the word "Refund" to and I'll send you a full refund, no questions asked.
Limited Time Quarantine Sale Price...
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30 Days
Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Checkout Protected